Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bob Ainsworth is a money wasting cunt.

From The Red Rag
Quite simple really, he should pay it back, or at least as much he can. What recourse do we the taxpayer have to recover our money when it has been negligently wasted like this and the culpable party has been identified? Can we sue him for everything he is worth?

One for the Taxpayer's Alliance I think.

A Cabinet minister has been accused of wasting millions of pounds of public money by sanctioning a research project that could not evaluate anything.

As a Home Office minister in 2002, the Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth signed off a £6m evaluation of a drugs prevention programme in schools.

The report's findings, published on a BBC blog earlier this month, said it was unable to draw "any conclusions".

It has now emerged Mr Ainsworth was warned of such an outcome.
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  1. He was too bleedin' thick to take the hint - besides, the way Labour works, it was just more jobs for the boys!