Thursday, 20 August 2009

Bob Ainsworth is a cunt and has lost loads of MOD equipment.

Bob "the knob" Ainsworth has done it again as a story breaks about the MOD losing stuff.

It transpires today that nearly £7 billion of military equipment has gone missing from Ministry of Defence.

Un-believable, well with Bob running show sadly not.

The National Audit Office has refused to sign off on MoD records that £6.6 billion of assets exist because of “inadequate levels of evidence”.

The assets include about a sixth of all vehicles, weapons and radios used by British forces and are equivalent in value to the entire annual defence equipment budget.

The items in question include £1.25 billion of equipment deployed with British forces, such as machine guns, night vision goggles, encrypted radios and body armour.

Defence officials were unable to account for £350 million worth of fighting vehicles that were in theory being used for training and operations.

The remaining £5 billion of assets that could not be accounted for were predominantly raw materials and spare parts, ranging from bolts and oil to jet engines and propellers.

The MoD insisted last night that the equipment was “never physically lost” and that the NAO figure was an “extrapolation” from its audit.

It said that at the time of the report, the Defence Storage and Distribution Agency, which is responsible for supplying the armed forces, was unable to satisfy the NAO’s demand for paperwork to verify the assets.

So billions worth of kit has gone, or the paperwork has buggered off. Either way its not on the front line with the troops and no doubt Bob "the knob" Ainsworth has an excuse.

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