Friday, 21 August 2009

Bob "the knob" Ainsworth is a cunt who has no message.

Ainsworth knows how to get his message across.

First up we have the comment that progress could be made “over the next couple of years” and of course Bob "the knob" complained that he was misrepresented.

Then having dug one hole, Bob started to burrow like a ground squirrel and claimed that the Afghan war is “winnable” - not so bad in itself, should HM Govt actually start supplying the troops with the kit they need.

However this is Ainsworth, if someone is going to screw it up big time you know it is him. He then admitted having "little idea of the size or nature of the enemy".

But Bob just kept on digging with this gem as he complained that it is “hard to get the message across to the British public”.

That would be same British public that Bob "the knob" claimed was "defeatist" just a week before, with Bob sending such garbled nonsense from a government office is it any wonder that the great public are a tad confused as to the aims of HM Govt.

**In the pic Ainsworth can be seen planning the latest attack, he will later take the wounded soldiers off the map and put on a legal wig and play at reducing their injury payments. Oh sorry, I forgot the odious little scumbag did that for real.

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