Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Bob Ainsworth is a cunt.

Welcome to Bob Ainsworth is a cunt. A blog which has the aim(if you can call it that) of ripping into the piss poor streak of piss that is our Defence Sec.

A man(yes a damn loose version of the word) who sees his role as denying the troops are under supplied whilst taking wounded troops to court to reduce their injury payments.

This wig wearing hoon, has blundered his way through his job causing crisis after crisis.

So if you fancy mocking Bob Ainsworth, send links to your rants on Bob, any mocking pictures etc etc.

In short Bob Ainsworth is a fucking useless cunt.


  1. Too fucking right Fido!

    I'm definitely up for being first in the queue for persecuting this piss poor cunt. Shit loads of stuff over at mine, just take what you need!

    Bob Ainsworth = wig wearing wearing, 'tash faced, tosspot of a cunt!

  2. It's long overdue he had a site all to himself, well done Dogster.

  3. And we all thought that hoon Hoon was a hoon ... he's not nearly as much of a hoon as the hoon Ainsworth.

    So let's be sure now ... is Hoon a hoon or is Hoon an ainsworth ...

    And is Ainsworth a hoon or an ainsworth ?

  4. Ver appropriate site dedicated to this weasel-faced, incompetent Labour dipshit

  5. Good on yer Fido. Go get the bewigged moron. Nick anything you want from mine as well.

  6. Awesome site.

    I feel a wee guest post coming on very soon.

  7. Cheers one an all for the comments. As Bob fucks up as Bob will do each day he gets into work, so I shall mock him.

    Will be adding sidebar with links to those who cover Bob in the next few days(time allowing).

    Oh an any Bob mockery, abuse feel free to send it to me at