Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bob Ainsworth is a question avoiding cunt.

From The Express....DEFENCE Secretary Bob Ainsworth came under fire last night over a visit to Blackpool where he tackled every topic but defence.

The embattled minister stayed off the rollercoaster at the resort’s Pleasure Beach yesterday and despite fears he would face a barrage of tough questions was given an easy ride by the handful of guests who turned up to his question-and-answer event.

The MP for Coventry North East chose not to speak at length about Afghanistan but insisted the Government needed to show “the same mettle as our armed forces”.

Last night, Shadow Defence spokesman Gerald Howarth MP said: “What a wonderful opportunity for the people of Blackpool to ask the Secretary of State for Defence questions he refuses to answer in Parliament.

Bob "the knob" digging that hole ever deeper every day.

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