Sunday, 23 August 2009

Bob Ainsworth is a friend losing cunt.

Peter Fullarton, who lost his son James in a bomb attack in Helmand last Sunday, said Mr Ainsworth failed to send his family a note of condolence - even though he had known the Minister for 20 years and his son used to serve Mr Ainsworth drinks in their local working men's club. Mr Fullarton became friends with Mr Ainsworth when they worked along side each other on the production line at the Jaguar car plant in Coventry.

Speaking on Thursday, Mr Fullarton said: "No member of the Government has sent any message. He knows my name. I am disappointed that he has not even dropped us a note. James served him in the bar. He knows the family."

Six hours after being contacted by The Mail on Sunday, a spokesman for the Defence Secretary said: "Bob sent a letter to the family this morning by recorded delivery. Bob wants to go to the funeral if the family want him to be there."

MoD insiders last night gave a damning assessment of Mr Ainsworth's command of his department following a week of internal chaos.

If ever there was a man in the wrong job, then its Bob "the knob" Ainsworth.

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