Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Bob Ainsworth is a cunt.(an expense grafting cunt at that)

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Bob Ainsworth's home repairs cost the taxpayer £5,925! Bob "the knob" Ainsworth, the Armed Forces Minister, claimed nearly £6,000 for the redecoration of his designated second home, submitting bills that included rebuilding the fireplace and fitting oak beams into his ceiling.

I wonder how much body armour that would have provided?

Bob "the knob" Ainsworth, the MP for Coventry North East, also tried to claim £2,225 for a sofa and £1,000 for a LCD Samsung television, both of which were reduced by the fees office.

In April 2006, Mr Ainsworth submitted a further £951 bill for fencing and in August charged £1,160 for a gas fire.

That same year, he was told by officials he could not claim £1,000 for a Samsung LCD television because he had exceeded the “recommended maximum”.

In August, the minister wrote to the fees office to explain why he was claiming £2,225 for a Roma corner sofa.

He said: “If you feel this is excessive can I say that due to size and layout of the room a normal three-piece suite will not fit. This 'corner group’ fits perfectly and maximises the space.”

In February 2007, Mr Ainsworth claimed £2,000 to re-point part of the property and two months later submitted a third claim for fencing worth £4,500.

Between May 2005 and April 2007, he claimed a total of £19,920 in renovations, repairs, furniture and electrical equipment. He also submitted regular claims for the maximum monthly food allowance of £400 and monthly bills of £45 for dry cleaning.

At the end of 2007, Mr Ainsworth switched his designated second home to a flat in London, which he rented from Lady Grylls, the mother of adventurer Bear Grylls, and claimed a monthly rent of £1,208.

In 2007-8, the minister was the joint highest claimant for second home allowances, claiming the maximum amount of £23,083.

All that cash spent on Bob "the knob" Ainsworth, whilst the troops have to buy, beg or borrow kit.

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